“Sicilia Bedda” offers everything: crystal clear sea, beaches you don’t expect, historic sites that leave you speechless, typical mouth-watering food and also natural reserves to be discovered, a little bit unknown but from great beauty. It is Cavagrande del Cassibile natural reserve case in the province of Syracuse, an uncontaminated place to be explored. Everything here is really heavenly: the long canyon where the Cassibile river flows which creates a series of emerald green ponds, the surrounding rocky mountains, the wild nature along the banks of the river, the colors... In short, a corner of heaven on earth.

Cavagrande del Cassibile: a little bit of trekking never hurts

Since I am taking you to an uncontaminated, paradisiac place, beautiful like few others, where you will surely satisfy the eyes and find rest for your souls, it goes without saying that you have got to earn it. To reach the reserve there are several paths and routes, we decide to take the Carrubella one that descends from the top to the bottom of the reserve. The path is not difficult, it takes about 50 minutes to reach the destination. Anyway I recommend a pair of sneakers, these don’t have to be necessarily hiking boots but neither sandals. Once you get here, the show is all for you: emerald green water and small lakes one more beautiful than the other await you for an unforgettable day.

Scorcio Riserva di Cavagrande

A cooling dip in the emerald green waters of Cavagrande

A hot day in August is perfectly suitable to explore Cavagrande lakes. As soon as you arrive, you will immediately desire to dive into the emerald green waters! You will not regret it… Despite the heat and despite being in Sicily, the water of the river is always quite cold but in this case, after a trek in the sun, it will be truly refreshing. Of course, the best way to enjoy the Reserve is to take walks: it is true, in front of the first stretch of water that you will meet, you will surely be enchanted… But do not stop there, many others await you. Walking south you will find the “Round Lake”, the main one because it is bigger and deeper than the others, which certainly deserves a dip.

Cavagrande: laghetto Rotondo

A 2.700 hectare reserve

Certainly in the Reserve you will not be bored, it is possible to carry out a multitude of activities. Besides exploring the Cassibile river and the lakes, there are numerous trekking routes inside the reserve. In the afternoon we decide to move a little further north than Laghetto Rotondo and we run into another small lake surrounded by a rocky wall on one side and dense vegetation on the other side. We are particularly impressed by the structure of the rock, characterized by a series of small steps, a faithful reproduction of a real canyon. In Cavagrande, nothing is missing: the Reserve is home to 34 species of wild orchids as well as numerous varieties of trees including plane trees, willows and oleanders. If you decide to visit it, the choice is yours about what to see and what to do.
Cavagrande: particolare di una parete rocciosa

Scorcio di un laghetto di Cavagrande