This is not the usual flat, golden beach, where the landscape is monotonous and never changes … This is Realmonte beach, where the white cliff of the Scala dei Turchi falls into the sea. The rock that is made up of is sedimentary, calcareous and clayey. Certainly what strikes at first sight is the color: white is king here and stands out even more thanks to the blue of the sea. The structure of this cliff is very particular, very impressive and seen from afar it seems to form steps, not for anything it was called “staircase”.

Particolare Scala dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi… Why?

The name is linked to an ancient legend according to which this place served as a shelter for Turkish ships. The Saracen corsairs who arrived here had the opportunity to climb the steps into the rock and plunder the nearby places. The particular shape of this white marl cliff is in fact the result of erosion caused by water and wind over the centuries. To get the best view, I recommend a nice walk: from above, a long wooden staircase will take you along the golden beach, where you can admire the white giant from afar and then easily reach it. The view is very beautiful even from the cliff itself, you can enjoy admiring the sea as far as the eye can see.

La spiaggia della Scala dei Turchi

Rockfall alarm

From December 2017 to August 2019 the Scala dei Turchi was closed to the public due to falling rocks. Bad weather, excessive urbanization of the adjacent territory, excess of tourists, contributed to the fall of hundreds of boulders that spilled onto the natural steps of the impressive cliff. As often happens, in this case also, the human hand has contributed to the degradation of a wonderful and protected place, which has been for years a candidate to become part of the UNESCO heritage. Therefore we are all invited, during our visits and our stay, to respect this enchanted place, to leave the white marl there, exactly as we found it, after all we do not need a stone to leave on the bedside table. A place like the Scala dei Turchi remains impressed in the heart forever, without the need to “steal” anything from it.

Scala dei Turchi dall'alto

How to reach the Scala dei  Turchi

As already mentioned, the Scala dei Turchi is located in Realmonte, in the province of Agrigento. Since we stay in San Leone, it takes about twenty minutes by car to get to Realmonte where there are numerous parking places, where you can leave your car all day (most of them are pay parking). The village is located above the cliff which offers many panoramic points and views overlooking the sea. From the top, a long wooden staircase will lead you to the beach below where you can finally admire the Scala dei Turchi in all its beauty and reach it by walking about ten minutes.

Scorcio della Scala dei Turchi