The journey to discover “the wonderful Crete” with its paradisiac beaches continues, now let’s  explore the most beautiful ones that are located in the south of the island. Here you cannot miss the beach of Vai (also known as palm beach), the Caribbean beaches of Chrissi island and the adventurous excursion of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” that will take you to the island of Koufonissi. Both islets can be reached only by sea, the ferry is available for the island of Chrissi, while you will reach the island of Koufonissi with a one-day mini-cruise.

Chrissi island

Between the most beautiful beaches in the south of Crete, the ones of Chriss island are undoubtedly the winners of the first place. Believe me, Chrissi island is the Cretan Caribbean. This is a magic place, a memory impossible to forget. It can be reached taking the ferry in Ierapetra with 45 minutes of navigation. The peculiarity of this island is that it is completely uninhabited. As you can imagine, in this uncontaminated place , the sea and the beaches are the major attractions. My personal advice: try to avoid August because it is too crowded and the ferry will let you on the island only for a half day. Too short a time to enjoy the charm and the beauty of this corner of paradise, to stay there all the day would be perfect.

Scorcio spiaggia isola di Krissi

Koufonissi island

Koufonissi island too will not let you down for its beauty, in my opinion it gained a second place among the most beautiful beaches of Crete. In this case too, the islet can be reached only by sea. If you want to spend a funny day, a cruise on a pirate ship is organized on site. In fact, in Koufunissi I had the opportunity to admire views reminding the film “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. The islet is surrounded by a beautiful emerald green sea with golden sand. During the cruise some stops are planned to stay and admire the most beautiful beaches. If you want to live the adventure, dive directly from the ship and swim to the beach. What else should I tell you? Have fun and enjoy the cruise!

Veduta spiaggia isola di Kufunissi

Vai (palm beach)

Vai beach, better known as Palm beach, is located in the far south of Crete. Its peculiarity is the palm grove thanks to which it earns a third place. The beach is very beautiful and large, here too you can undoubtedly enjoy the sea and take walks in the surroundings, exploring other small characteristic beaches nestled among the rocks. The only flaw of the beach is that it is not possible to access to the palm grove because it is completely fenced and appears in a state of semi abandonment. It is a pity because I think it would be possible to organize a small route inside, allowing to explore it and enjoy, during the day, a regenerating break under palm trees.

Spiaggia di Vai (spiaggia delle Palme)