Are you looking for crystal clear sea and white sand without flying to the tropics? Here is the right destination for you: the beaches of Crete, famous all over the world for their ability to leave speechless for their great beauty. The Greek island is a natural paradise, able to amaze tourists with its colors and its pristine sea. The coasts of the island are in fact scattered with beaches, there are more than 300, one more enchanting than the other. At this point you may wonder to yourself: what are the beaches in Crete that are really worth seeing? Here are my tips after a vacation spent in this earthly paradise. If you are in the northern part of the island, you cannot miss absolutely the Balos Lagoon, Elafonissi and Falassarna.

Creta beaches: Balos lagoon

Let’s go to explore the most beautiful beaches of Crete: our tour starts from Balos Lagoon, located in the northwestern part of the island. In my opinion, this beach ranks first. The moment I saw it I wondered to myself: how many other places in the world could be able to match it for its magnificence? Balos Lagoon is a magic place, you will understand it immediately, during the descent along the path that will lead you there. The view is truly rewarding and I recommend you to take photos during this mini-trekking because they will remain as a permanent memory.

Spiaggia di Balos

Elafonissi beach

Let’s continue our journey to discover the wonderful beaches of Crete: now is the turn of Elafonissi beach that takes a second place. The peculiarity of this beach is the color of the sand which is tinged with soft pink, color given to the presence of pink and red shells pulverized by the action of the water. In this case too, as soon as you arrive on the beach you will be looking forward to take a dip into the sea. You will be immediately enraptured by its crystal clear waters and at the same time you will enjoy the pleasant temperature of the lagoon waters.

Spiaggia di Elafonissi

Falassarna beach

Now it is the turn of Falassarna beach, which takes a nice third place in the ranking of the most beautiful beaches of Crete. What awaits you here? Obviously white sand and crystal clear sea, never lacking in this fantastic island! The beach is very large and often windy, so I suggest to rent deck chairs and beach umbrella. It will be difficult for you to “place” your umbrella with the wind that will drag it from the opposite side of the beach! I guarantee that the prices are reasonable. This beach lends itself, like the other two, to long walks. Going till the end, you will reach a cliff where it will be possible to take many beautiful photos depicting the rocky beach and the colorful sea with all its shades of blue.

Spiaggia di Falassarna