A scenery you do not expect, a nestled glacier between the heights of Valmalenco, a breathtaking view which let you speachless. Fellaria glacier is a great surprise located at the foot of the Bernina. Impossible not to be enchanted in front of its magnificence, the sight will be totally satisfied. My impression when I had seen it for the first time? Being on another planet. As soon as the climb is over, you will feel like being catapulted to distant lands such as Patagonia, Iceland or Antarctica. The high ice walls and the small lake on which icebergs float bring these places to mind.

Ghiacciao Fellaria

A bit of history

The Marson glacier route is the one that leads to the foot of the Fellaria glacier. It was born in 1996 thanks to an initiative of the Servizio Glaciologico Lombardo(SGL) in order to make hikers, visitors and tourists discover the glacial environment. In fact, the conditions of the Fellaria glacier were already under observation from long time. The first descriptions are dated back to 1899 by Luigi Marson, professor at the Regio Istituto Tecnico of Sondrio and member of the
Società Geografica Italiana, who had already observed a retreat of the glacier. Unfortunately this was only the beginning, since starting from the nineties we are facing a progressive reduction of the glacier with consequent morphological modifications of the surrounding territory. In short, a spectacle of nature in danger of extinction… My advice is (reluctantly), if you want to admire it you are forced to hurry before it leaves us definitively.

Scorcio del Ghiacciaio Fellaria

How to reach Fellaria Glacier

To reach the Fellaria Glacier it is necessary to go by car to the dams of Campo Moro, where you can park at the Zoia lodge or continue a little further along the dirt road that runs alongside the dam where there is a large parking lot. From here, continue on foot towards the Gera dam where, once you have crossed the dam wall, you have to follow the signs for the Bignami lodge. From the Bignami lodge new indications will bring you to continue towards the Alpe Fellaria and the Marson glacier route (blue indications). The trek is not the most complex and lasts about 6 hours in total, mountain boots are necessary while the poles will help you during the trek.

Scorcio dal rifugio Bignami

My Fellaria

I must say that my excursion to the Fellaria Glacier has been particularly lucky, as the day chosen turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, still warm with a clear blue sky in late October . This gave me the opportunity to appreciate the landscape even more, the dam of Gera and the dam of Campo Moro seemed painted in shades of blue and turquoise. To complete this beautiful postcard, the golden larches scattered along the slopes that accompanied us to the Bignami lodge. The landscape is one more reason why you don’t have to miss the excursion to the Fellaria glacier. The spectacle of the ice blocks floating on the lagoon, the colors of the mountains made up of striated rocks with gray and brown, the rainbows created by the waterfalls that overlook the glacier, tranquility and silence are some of the elements that distinguish this magical place.