Our journey through wonderful Sicily continues, we are now in Avola and by browsing the beauties of the place, we choose to spend an evening discovering the Sicilian Baroque of Noto. Since 2002 the town has become Unesco heritage together with 8 other Sicilian cities: Caltagirone, Militello in Val di Catania, Catania, Modica, Palazzolo, Ragusa and Scicli. All the mentioned cities have been rebuilt, in part or completely, in Baroque style, after the earthquake of 1693. It is really worth walking along the streets of Noto to admire this retro style so full of frills: the churches, squares, balconies, facades exude Baroque from all pores. I take you with me for a city tour.

Looking up, along the streets of the city centre

We park the car not far from the city center, immediately approaching to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main street. The buildings that line it are all in Baroque style and along the course there are three squares with as many churches: Piazza Immacolata with the church of San Francesco d’Assisi, Piazza del Municipio (the main square) with the majestic Cathedral of San Nicolò and finally piazza XIV Maggio with the church of San Domenico. The cathedral is very beautiful, the architectural structure does not go unnoticed as the facade is flanked by two side towers. Another characteristic of Corso Vittorio Emanuele that certainly does not go unnoticed is the presence of Porta Reale, the symbol of the entrance to the city of Noto. The atmosphere and the evening lights make everything even more magic and attractive.

Noto: Cattedrale di San Nicolò

Noto: Porta reale

“Bozzetti di sale” event under construction

Our walk continues along the city center and taking by chance Via Rocco Pirri we notice several people who are making beautiful creations with salt crystals, crouching down on the porphyry . This is “Bozzetti di sale” event organized by the Associazione Maestri Infioratori di Noto, whom we have the chance to see “under construction”. Even if I have never seen the Noto Infiorata live, the sketches that the artists are preparing remember it very much. At the end of the work there will be a sort of “multicolored carpet” that covers the entire street creating an effect that certainly leaves the spectators open-mouthed. Well, these artists are really tireless, they work during the evening to create wonderful and unique masterpieces.

Noto: particolare "Bozzetti di sale"

Noto: particolare "Bozzetti di Sale"

Noto: an explosion of colors

Noto never ceases to amaze, because it is not only baroque, frills, squares, narrow alleys that welcome you, but also surprising shops and clubs. Lose yourself into the streets of the center, a multitude of shops is waiting for you to offer the widest range of Sicilian ceramics and any other kind of souvenir. The streets seem almost festively decorated, inside some of the buildings there are displays of lamps and other design objects or typically Sicilian objects. Certainly you will not be disappointed by the clubs: we are particularly impressed by the Wine Bar restaurant “Anche gli angeli”, a very special location … In short, I won’t tell you more, go and see it that it’s really worth it! So can you miss Noto if you are there? NOT at all I would say!

Noto: particolare di un negozio

Noto: particolare interno locale

Noto: particolare interno locale