An amazing view of Como Lake , a 6-hour trek with a small altitude difference in a sequel of mountains and peaks to admire and to capture … All this is Monte Crocione, a window on the lake that can offer breathtaking corners of the surronding landscape. The itineraries to reach Monte Crocione are many, we choose the simplest I think, the one from Pigra which is located in Val d’ Intelvi. We go up from Argegno to the Val d’Intelvi and when we arrive in San Fedele we follow the indications for Pigra. It is possible to park near Boffalora lodge, but we do something wrong, we mistake Alpe Colonno lodge for the Boffalora one (the trek is starting out great …).
Alpe di Colonno

From Boffalora lodge to Venini lodge

No problem, understood the error, we get the car and continue along the asphalted road (rather narrow) which takes us, this time, to the Boffalora lodge (the true one). Parked the car here, we continue on foot on the paved road that will take us to the Venini refuge. The altitude difference is small and leads us to the Venini refuge which, seen from the outside, it seems to me really nice and well kept. Technical information: having decided to make this trek between Christmas and New Year, we discovered, at our cost, that all the lodges in the area were closed. Do not make the same mistake, we hoped to restore there with a delicious polenta with meat, bring your own pack lunch or ask in advance about the closing dates. Before continuing we take a few shots, the landscape begins to be interesting and deserves our attention.

Panorama dal rifugio Venini

Panorama dal rifugio Venini

The trenches of the Great World War

We leave the Venini lodge behind us and, as mentioned above, the altitude difference of this trek is never exaggerated and too tiring, it is a continuous succession of ups and downs. After a short while we come across a retaining wall followed by a second wall that hides an arch along the perimeter. These are the military posts of the Cadorna Line dating back to the First World War, used by soldiers to protect themselves from armed attacks by enemies. We take some shots, and then we reach Monte Tremezzo, where the view becomes 360 degrees, the mountains are everywhere.
Scorcio attraverso le trincee


Monte Tremezzo

Monte Crocione…What a passion!

Monte Crocione is about an hour from Monte Tremezzo, the path continues simply along the ridges. As the name says, the summit is characterized by the presence of a huge cross, but the real attraction of the trekking, as I already mentioned, is the view on Como Lake, a really interesting glimpse. Being my first time on the Crocione, I must say that I was really delighted by it, a look at the lake with Bellagio in the center and the two branches that open so clearly. To emphasize the wonderful landscape, a beautiful day of December with a clear blue sky, one of those days that makes you put on your boots and go for a nice trekking in the mountains.

Monte Crocione