Did you like the Scala dei Turchi? Do you like marl beaches like the latter? So Punta Bianca beach in Zingarello is definitely for you. Located near Agrigento it could be considered the miniature copy of the Scala dei Turchi, structured differently and less frequented. A truly special place, where the sandy beach that initially welcomes the visitors, leaves room for the white smooth rocks of marl to create an extraordinary postcard. Another singular detail is the presence of the ruin of an old customs house, right there, facing the sea, which seems to welcome visitors and to thank them for their presence.

Glimpses of Punta Bianca

In order to reach Punta Bianca beach you need to walk down a dirt road, the walk takes about 10 minutes. Before embarking on the downhill, however, I suggest you to take a look at the surrounding landscape: with the car you reach the top of a hill where you can park and where the view of the landscape is incomparable. Here the colors meet and clash, creating a truly unexpected perspective. The hill with the colors of the scorched earth that flows into the sea together with the smooth white rock, the sea that laps the landscape in its shades of light blue, blue and turquoise, the foam of the waves, the clear blue sky that becomes a whole with the Mediterranean. In short, feast your eyes for 5 minutes with this heavenly vision, then you can start again to conquer the real Punta Bianca.

Panorama dall'alto di Punta Bianca

Scorcio dall'alto di Punta Bianca

How to reach Punta Bianca beach: our adventure…

Let’s say that the road to reach Punta Bianca by car is not exactly the best … on the contrary … it is necessary to pay attention to avoid unpleasant inconveniences …. From Agrigento you have to take the highway 115 and then follow the signs for Zingarello and Punta Bianca. Leaving the main road you will find yourself on an asphalted road whose conditions are not very good, but this is only the beginning … The road becomes later a dirt road and when you find a crossroads, straight on the right and left uphill, take the road that goes up. And this is where the real adventure begins: it seems to travel on a dirt road that leads to the mountains, along which there are many holes. When we get to the top we can’t really understand where we have to go. We see a house in the distance and so my partner decides to go and ask for information … don’t do it … really … after two minutes she comes back running, telling me that two dogs bark at her and there is no trace of human beings!

Punta Bianca - relitto

Sooner or later we get to Punta Bianca…

At this point, with or without dogs, with or without information, we certainly cannot give up our Punta Bianca! So we decide to continue following the road that seems most appropriate to be traveled by car and here we are finally … Punta Bianca can be seen on the horizon, we were practically arrived! Finally we conquered the white marl beach, even if we risked denting a half car or puncturing tires, or even worse being mauled by dogs! Now the time has come to admire you and immortalize you in your beauty.

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