What is the best to do with the snow on the mountains? It is time to organize a nice snowshoe hike in Valmalenco, where Pizzo Scalino is the king. Today I take you to the Cristina hut at 2.287 m. in the heart of the Valtellina Alps. After parking the car in Campo Franscia we put on snowshoes and we are immediately ready to go, the snowy road is there, waiting for us. The route is not particularly demanding and the difference in altitude not so high, 570 m. The only problem is that the day is particularly windy, so let’s say that the weather will give us a little bit of trouble but at the same time we are adequately equipped to deal with it.

Towards blankets of shining snow

We go up from some hairpin bends that make us to gain altitude quickly and we thus reach a wide plain dotted with huts. We have come to the Alpe Campascio, where the shiny snow allow us to capture a magic landscape. A little further on, the view opens onto the Pizzo Scalino, so we come to the Campagneda pasture, recognizable as a large solitary hut resting on a hill. From this point the panorama opens 360 degrees on the Pizzo Scalino and the surrounding mountains, the sky is blue and clear thanks to the wind (well, at least it is good for something!) which brings out even more the tops of the snow-capped peaks all around.

Verso il Rifugio Cristina


A look at Monte Disgrazia and … welcome to the Cristina hut

We now cross a flat stretch, the wind continues to blow strongly and the snow to glisten in the sun. It does not take long to reach our goal. We continue, a little uphill but not too much. After a slight curve, the Monte Disgrazia appears to us on the right in all its magnificence. After about 15-20 minutes of walking we finally reach the Cristina hut, located on the pretty Alpe Prabello. We decide to come in and order something hot, we are all a little tried by this unexpected blizzard! Despite the unforeseen event, we are satisfied with the excursion on anyway, the snow with its blankets makes the landscape even more beautiful and charming, the wind that swept away the clouds gave us the opportunity to take crystal-clear photos.

Veduta sul monte Disgrazia

Nei pressi del Rifugio Cristina


Downhill with final dinner

The day has almost come to an end, we just have to go downhill accompanied by a beautiful pink sunset that peeps through the fir trees. It is also possible to make a small variation of the path, passing through the trees thus avoiding the Campagneda pasture. But … Are we really sure that everything is ending here? Actually we know that, before getting home, a large dinner awaits us at the Agriturismo La Pedruscia in Dazio (SO). From Franscia where we are, it takes about 1 h and 10 minutes to reach Dazio, the farm is on the way back. The location is really nice, the interiors of the dining room are all in wood and stone, the atmosphere you breathe is really welcoming, so everybody at the table to have dinner!


Agriturismo La Pedruscia, a delight for the palate

The farm menu is very interesting: tastings of appetizers including cold cuts and different cheeses, trio of first courses (pizzoccheri and pumpkin ravioli particularly appreciated) and trio of main courses (excellent roast beef and tagliata). When we finished the main dish and we were already full and stuffed, the owner of the farm arrived asking us if we wanted to continue with the tasting of the cheeses … despite ourselves, we were forced to refuse, to leave a place for the dessert. Yes, we had also the tasting of desserts, different kinds of biscuits accompanied by two types of tarts, all strictly homemade. Needless to say, I recommend to stop by, the value for money is also very good considering the amount of food that is served on the table. What can I say … super day, from snowshoeing to dinner!